Soft Cartoon Blanket Comfortable Baby Fabric Mat

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Size: 32 x 27cm


The main purpose of the Doudou blanket is the soft soothing effect. The three-dimensional Doudou particles stimulate the five senses, allowing the baby to have a good sleep quality.

The mechanism of touching peas stimulates the baby's sensory development. The colorful colors attract the baby's curiosity, soothe the baby's emotions, increase the baby's sense of security and cultivate the baby's self-confidence.

Product Features:

Good-looking and practical; good quality and low price, you deserve to have a doudou velvet blanket, exquisite hand-feel fabric, can be used as a stroller blanket, baby sleeping blanket, play blanket, home, outing, very suitable, yes A blanket with multiple functions! Does not shrink, does not fade, and does not contain fluorescent agents.

Cleaning method:

It can be machine washed, no deformation, no fading, no lint, and repeated machine washing can be done!


Do not iron, and can be dried at low temperature after washing!



Net weight:small:270g;large:604g


Material: Doudou velvet + cotton fabric

Package Included:


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